THE FINEST CUISINE, THE ULTIMATE SERVICE 24 X 7 dine at Fame City is to experience arguably the very best cuisine available anywhere in the world. Our cooking reflects a new pride in Indian, Chinese, Continental & Local cuisine and produce. Our ingredients are the finest and freshest available, and of course the service is exemplary. A range of spectacular rooms and a disparate menu makes dining at the Fame City a memorable occasion.

The hotel opened in a space long occupied by the Loft Restaurant, beside Saraighat hall. The best features of the space have been retained, such as the traditional stone walls, stained glass, and cozy banquettes. A quirky, continental feel has been created for cool clients and original posters bought in antique markets in Guwahati and by a totally new menu offering Indian, Continental & Chinese style bistro cooking. Our Chef has almost twenty years experience of cooking and running restaurants & hotels. As far as possible all dishes are produced in the restaurant kitchen using the best of local produce. Above all the philosophy behind the restaurant is that good food need not cost the earth and prices are keen without compromising quality.

Food, family, devotion and community, the meanings of these words are intertwined in the vast cultural tapestry of India. In the Indian life, among friends and in community gatherings, food is an indispensable part of socializing and an important aspect of any festivity. Food is given and accepted with an attitude of mutual appreciate. It establishes the concept of graceful give and take, and all other social interactions can be modeled upon it.

Perhaps the best way to bring the nations of the world into harmony would be to spread a dinner table that spans the globe. It would be a wonderful sight, all those different foods cooked to perfection, with a rainbow of colors and a myriad of pleasing, tempting aromas, being shared in joy and gratitude by all the people of the world - and no reserved seating. Each one of us can start right now, in our own home, by trying foods of other lands and by sharing the recipes and experience of other peoples to forge this eternal link of body and soul - the grace of God through the gift of food.